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Oriental Pearl TV Tower

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the oriental pearl tower shanghai

the oriental pearl tower shanghai

Located in Lujiazui, Pudong New District, Shanghai, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower is adjacent to Huangpu River. It is on the other side of the Huangpu River with the Bund, where Shanghai International Press Center is seated. The Oriental Pearl TV Tower is designed by Jiang Huancheng working in Shanghai Modern Architectural Design (Group) Co., LTD. It is invested with 8.3 million RMB. With a height of 467.9 meters, the Oriental Pearl Tower Shanghai is the world's fifth tallest TV and tower and it has been a landmark for those having the Shanghai tour.

The construction of the Oriental Pearl Tower Shanghai started from July 30th of 1991 and completed on October 1th of 1994. With the functions of launching radio and television, entertainment and sightseeing, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower presents a spectacular view of international metropolis. There are three best places to take a bird's view of the whole city's scenery, and one is the upper layer of tour at the height of 263 meters, the other one is the space capsule at the height of 350 meters. Coming to 267-meter-high, people have the great choice to enjoy delicious food in Asia's highest revolving restaurant. The business area of the revolving restaurant covers 1500 square meters, accommodating 350 guests for dinner. Various kinds of luxurious package food and Chinese and western buffet are offered. The underlying Shanghai Historical Development Museum reappears the life scenes of old Shanghai, condensing the history of Shanghai since its port opened. From different level, people will get vicious feelings and views.

The double decker-elevator holding up to 50 people will take tourists up towards upper levels at the rate of 7 meters per second. The beautiful view of Shanghai is really amazing and people visiting Shanghai will not want to miss it.

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